Some cyclists go to events like the Ulcer and Lotoja because they like to wear the event jerseys you can purchase at the rides as badges of honor. It’s as if these jerseys make cyclists feel like decorated officers of cycling. The more jerseys one has from difficult rides or races, the more distinguished as a serious rider. Another group of cyclists don’t even think twice about jerseys until they cross the finish line. Feeling very proud of themselves after a tough ride they think, “I have to buy a jersey as a memento of what I’ve accomplished.” Then there is the last group of cyclists who go to the events for no other reason than to ride, and if they happen to see a jersey that suits their fancy, they buy it.

Regardless of which category you belong to, we have an offer for you. The Utah bicycle lawyers just released their brand new cycling jersey. As a kick off we are offering 25 free jerseys to the first 25 people who will like us on Facebook and write us a google review. The best part is that we will be giving out additional prizes if we ever see you wearing the jersey at one of our sponsored events.


To ensure you get a jersey search “Utah Bicycle Accident Lawyer” in Facebook and hit the like button. Then send me an email me at and put in the subject line “Jersey Review.” I will then send you a brief blog or pamphlet. You can write your review at based on these materials. Don’t wait, this offer expires September 9, 2011 or whenever the 25 jerseys are gone, whichever comes first.


Images Courtesy of Christensen & Hymas