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We understand how a bicycle accident can turn your life upside down and make simple tasks extremely difficult and frustrating. We are here to help. Below are some of our most recent cases representing cyclist.


H.D. v. Rescue Rooter Company

H.D., a framer and musician, was riding his bike through an intersection when he was hit by an inattentive commercial truck driver.  Our client sustained life-threatening injuries, including a brain injury and a severely fractured leg that nearly required amputation.  After filing a lawsuit against the corporation, the case settled for a confidential amount at mediation.

K.T. v. AAA Insurance; (Others)

K.T., a 7 year-old boy, was riding his bike on the sidewalk when a woman turned to pull into her driveway without paying attention and hit K.T. with her truck.  The collision fractured his clavicle and caused a closed head injury.  AAA Insurance initially placed blame on the 7-year-old boy, but once his family hired our law firm, the insurance company quickly settled for the full policy limits.  We also received an additional settlement from a second insurance policy.

T.G. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance; (Others)

A very active 20-year-old, T.G. was hit from behind and received permanent injuries to her neck that will require surgery in the future.  Because of the permanent nature of her injuries, T.G. was referred to our office by her doctor.  Our client was extremely happy with outcome of her case as we were able to successfully recover the full policy limits from two different insurance policies.

N.R. v. Colorado Casualty Insurance

N.R. was hit on his bike when a careless driver failed to yield the right-of-way.  His custom road bike was totaled.  He fractured his left wrist, had extensive road rash and a head contusion, even though he was wearing his helmet at the time of the collision.  His medical bills totaled $7,900.  We were able to replace his bike and obtained a great settlement without having to file a lawsuit.

J.K. v. American Family Insurance

A student and tri-athlete, J.K. was riding through an intersection when a car turned left in front of him, causing him to collide with the car and be thrown 15 feet in the air.   J.K. sustained a knee injury that required arthroscopic surgery.  The case settled for the full policy limits.

W.M. v. Farmers Insurance

W.M. was obeying the bicycle laws by riding his bike on the right side of the road along the row of parked cars when a driver opened her car door into traffic, causing W.M. to collide with the door while traveling 15-20 mph.  W.M. injured his shoulder, but the injury healed without further medical treatment after the initial hospital visit.  Farmers Insurance tried to place fault on our client, but after filing a lawsuit, they quickly settled.

W.L. v. Allstate Insurance Company

W.L., a 10-year-old boy, was riding his bicycle on a family campout when a dog owned by neighboring campers attacked him, knocked him off his bike and biting him several times.  W.L. was left with minor, but permanent, scarring.

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