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At Christensen & Hymas, not only do we assist cyclists in their insurance claims and cases, but we also strive to be a useful resource for information and advocacy for cyclists in Utah. In addition to our legal practice, we have also worked with the Utah State Legislature in drafting and passing legislation to better the road cycling environment for cyclists in Utah.

We’ve also produced and made free resources available to the Utah cycling community, available from this page. We hope you’ll use and share the information we’ve provided, and we look forward to your honest feedback on these resources so we can continue to improve and build upon them.

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Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook

Our own attorney and cyclist, D. Russell Hymas, wrote the Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook to assist cyclists in knowing and understanding the unique legal terrain and complexities of Utah bicycle laws as well as how insurance works for a bicycle and cyclist. It’s not as simple as your auto insurance, but doesn’t have to be complex. With a little education, any cyclist can understand the laws and rights which govern cyclists, insurance companies, and government in maintaining a safe environment for cyclists and motorists.

We make the Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook available to all cyclists, free of charge, because it’s important that the public be knowledgeable in protecting their rights in case of an accident.

Utah Cycling Races, Rides, & Event Calendar

We created the Utah Cycling Event Calendar to make it easier for cyclists to find suitable events as they train and prepare throughout the year. There are many cycling calendars covering Utah cycling events, but none which we felt provided adequate information in an easily-digested format.

This calendar is an ongoing project, and we hope you and event organizers will assist us in building this resource by making us aware of events as information becomes available. We will update this calendar regularly with the latest information we can find.

Safety Tips to Teach Your Children

As parents and as cyclists, we understand the importance of teaching correct safety principles to our children to ensure a safe future for cyclists ‘down the road.’

Share these resources with parents you know, and teach your own children to respect the road, other cyclists and motorists, and to respect the laws and rights which govern them.


Image Courtesy of Christensen & Hymas