Christensen and Hymas Law Firm Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about their experience working with our firm:

When I met with Russ, I felt like I got taken care of in a professional way. They said, “We are personal injury lawyers. We help people that [get] injured on their bikes.” And they delivered what they said they’d deliver. The thing that I think that really set them apart from any other experience I’ve heard other people talk about is the way that–professionally delivering exatctly what they said they’d give me–good professional personal injury lawyer work. And then the second really important thing was focusing on my healing. And then the third thing was just knowing that I wasn’t just a case file, I was me. And Russ was actually able to comprehend what I was talking about. And was also able to tell me like, “This might take a little bit of time, but we’re going to make sure you get taken care of.” And that was what I needed–and I got it.


Being a student, there is no way I could cover the costs for surgery and physical therapy. So, it was extremely helpful to have someone there to take care of all that when I could focus on preparing for my surgery and after the surgery occurred, I was able to focus on recovering and building back to where I had been before the accident occurred. So I’d just like to talk a little bit about the Christensen Law firm and the personal attention that they were able to give me though the entire process. They were always willing to find those answers for me and get back to me in a timely manner. It was great to be able to deal with such friendly people and an attorney that willing to always talk to you.


After an accident it’s a big thing. It’s a huge, huge change in your life. Especially when you have an amputation, or when you are put into a wheelchair, or whatever it may be. And so when they came along, They just made it easy. I mean Ken himself went through a whole traumatic experience. And I think that’s what makes him different–and Russ too. It’s that he’s been there. He knows, so he can empathize. And so what I would advise someone is put a lot of trust in Ken and Russ. Put a lot of trust in them that they’ll take care of you. And they’ll be there for you because they’re your friend. 100% of the way they’re your friend–they want to be there. Second, learn to just trust yourself. Trust yourself enough that you’re gonna get through it. Hold onto that little bit of hope that you’ve got left, and you’ll make it.


Images Courtesy of Christensen & Hymas