Simple inventions and technologies can have huge impacts on society. One great example of this is the bicycle. When bikes gained popularity around 1895, they revolutionized transportation. As with most activities at this time, cycling was somewhat male-dominated until a few trailblazing women demonstrated that women were just as capable on a bicycle. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we encourage everyone to get out and ride — both women and men. This post identifies some famous female cyclists that changed the bike world.

famous female cyclists

Annie Kopchovsky

After overhearing two men say that a women couldn’t possibly ride a bike around the world, Annie Kopchovsky (also known as Annie Londonderry) decided to prove them wrong. She set out to prove that women could be just as physically and mentally strong as men. She departed from Boston in 1894 with just a few skirts and her Columbia bike. Londonderry Lithia Spring Water eventually sponsored her. 5 years later, she made it back to Boston as an example of women’s strength and potential.

famous female cyclists burton

Beryl Burton

Beryl Burton is one of the most famous female cyclists in history — and one of history’s best cyclists, period. During her lifetime, she won numerous races and medals. She broke the men’s 12-hour time trial, beating the men’s record by 0.78 miles. That record still stands today.

Photo by Dutch National Archives

famous female cyclists ward

Maria Ward

Maria Ward wrote “Bicycling for Ladies” which helped women understand their bikes. Specifically, it emphasized teaching women to take care of their bikes. Doing bicycle maintenance was thought to be a man’s job, but Ward felt women were just as capable. She believed that gender did not determine ability. She deservedly holds a spot among history’s famous female cyclists.

Image by Michael Neubert

Even Famous Female Cyclists Had Accidents. What to Do When You Get Hurt

Every cyclist experiences accidents. Fortunately, they are usually minor. But sometimes, bike accidents lead to serious accidents. If you are injured on your bike due to someone else’s negligence, Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers can help you win an accident case.

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