child bike accidents

Children love riding bikes — learning to ride is one of many people’s most vivid childhood memories. However, child bike accidents are a natural consequence of this. Children account for a quarter of bicycle deaths and half of all bike injuries

In this article, we will outline a few preventative measures against child bike accidents, as well as what to do if your child is involved in one.

How to Prevent Child Bike Accidents

  • Children should always wear a well-fitted bike helmet (parents should wear one, as well — to set an example).
  • Teach your child to look both ways before entering the street. 8% of all child bike accidents occur when kids ride out of a driveway and into the path of an oncoming car.
  • Remove unnecessary obstacles that could limit your child’s view of oncoming cars (trash cans, parked cars, etc.)
  • Teach your child the importance of always obeying stop signs, even if they don’t see a car coming.
  • Make sure children understand hand signals and safe turning.
  • Your child should have a bike that fits them — getting them a bicycle they can “grow into” can be dangerous, since they may not be able to control an oversized bike.

What to Do if Your Child is in a Bike Accident

  • Get information from everyone involved, including witnesses, at the scene of the accident. Take pictures and call the police for an official police record.
  • Once your child’s immediate medical needs are taken care of, contact an experienced bike accident lawyer. They can help you recover damages and expenses caused by the accident.
  • Consult with an attorney before accepting any settlement offers from the insurance company.
  • Get thorough medical treatment and document everything.
  • Read our free Bike Accident Handbook for clear explanations of every step of the bike accident claims process.

If your child is injured in a bike accident, contact us today for a free consultation about an injury claim. We want to help them recover and get back to making great memories on their bike.

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