Generally, cycling is an expensive sport. Every ounce removed from your bike is another $100 spent. The price of being faster and lighter tends to add up quickly. But it shouldn’t. Whether you are new to the sport and don’t need expensive gear, or it was a bad quarter, there are more affordable ways to stay in the sport. Below are some tips and resources to keep you riding without paying the cost.

Buy used

There are thousands of slightly used bikes on the market today. They cost significantly less than if you were to buy them new. In addition to bikes, people also sell their parts. Wheels, derailleurs, and brakes cost a fraction of what they would be new. You can also find reasonably priced shoes and pedals.

Pinkbike is a great resource for avid cycles. Here you can buy and sell bikes, parts, and apparel. As of July 2016, Pinkbike had over 3,000 road bike listings, over 200 frames, and over 1000 parts for sale. You can also find decent used bikes on KSL and Craig’s List.

Buy Last Season’s Model

When you’re buying a new car, you know that it’s far cheaper to buy an older model. Models hardly make drastic changes from year to year. Buying a 2015 model isn’t going to be much different than the 2016 model. When considering buying an older model, do your research. See if there are any drastic differences. If not, then perhaps the older model is right for you. If the new model has nicer, lighter parts, find out if you can buy that part somewhere else.

Many cycling websites still keep their last season’s model on sale. Specialized, for example, has an option where you can view models from a few years ago, and purchase it if its available. Your local bike shop could also store older models. Ask them if they have any older models, if not, they might be able to tell you how to buy them.

There is an abundance of options that can help you make cycling more affordable. Sometimes getting the right deal requires a little research, but if you love cycling as much as we do, it’s almost worth the hassle.