Cycling in Utah National Parks

Spring and summer mean more frequent road cycling rides. In the warmer months, some of our favorite rides involve the beautiful national parks and monuments in Utah. More parks are making their trails cycling-friendly ,and we could not be happier. We at Utah Bicycle... read more

Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

There is a long list of reasons why cycling is good for your physical health. But that is not the only way it promotes fitness. Cycling can help promote mental health in a variety of ways. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we love cycling and want to spread the word about its... read more

Environmental Benefits of Cycling

Bicycling benefits our health in many important ways. But have you considered the environmental benefits of cycling? The increased popularity of cycling only helps the environment. Switching out your bike for your car during a commute can significantly decrease... read more

Salt Lake Area Bike Shops

Whether you need some new gear, a new bike, or some repair help, a bike shop can be a big help. They are a great resource, and luckily Salt Lake has several quality shops. Not too long ago, we posted a blog about how local bike shops can help you after a bike... read more

Spring Forward Into Cycling

The snow is melting and spring is just around the corner. It’s time to wake up your bike from its winter hibernation and spring forward into cycling. Before going out and riding, there are some things that can help you transition smoothly into the new season. We... read more

Famous Female Cyclists Through History

Simple inventions and technologies can have huge impacts on society. One great example of this is the bicycle. When bikes gained popularity around 1895, they revolutionized transportation. As with most activities at this time, cycling was somewhat male-dominated until... read more

5 Odd Bike Jobs: From Fishing to Laundry

Cycling is a great hobby. It helps you get out of the house and stay active. But can cycling be a job? There are some clear examples of this, such as professional cyclists and newspaper deliverers. But there are also many odd bike jobs that you may have never thought... read more

Bikes in Movies: Best Cycling Scenes Onscreen

Not too long ago, we wrote a post about some of our favorite cycling books and movies. But what about the times when bikes just show up briefly in one or two great scenes? At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we love to see bikes in movies of all kinds — from comedies to... read more

Presidents on Bikes: Cyclists-in-Chief

U.S. Presidents have had many different hobbies, but one that seems to always stick around is cycling. This President’s Day, we at Utah Bicycle Lawyers decided to compile some images of real presidents on bikes, not just the mascots in the picture above. Take a... read more

Bike Tire Repair: Keep your Wheels Spinning

Flat tires are an unfortunate fact of cycling life. If your experience is anything like ours, they always happen when it’s least convenient. Whether they happen in the middle of nowhere or far away from home or a bike shop, flat tires are always frustrating.... read more

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