Bikes in Movies: Best Cycling Scenes Onscreen

Not too long ago, we wrote a post about some of our favorite cycling books and movies. But what about the times when bikes just show up briefly in one or two great scenes? At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we love to see bikes in movies of all kinds — from comedies to... read more

Presidents on Bikes: Cyclists-in-Chief

U.S. Presidents have had many different hobbies, but one that seems to always stick around is cycling. This President’s Day, we at Utah Bicycle Lawyers decided to compile some images of real presidents on bikes, not just the mascots in the picture above. Take a... read more

Bike Tire Repair: Keep your Wheels Spinning

Flat tires are an unfortunate fact of cycling life. If your experience is anything like ours, they always happen when it’s least convenient. Whether they happen in the middle of nowhere or far away from home or a bike shop, flat tires are always frustrating.... read more

Bicycling Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Running out of date ideas or looking for something new to do on Valentine’s Day? If you love cycling, why not use that to plan a day or a night out? A bicycling date can offer a unique and fun way to get out with someone special. We at Utah Bicycle Lawyers are... read more

Rear End Cycling Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Getting rear-ended in your car is one of the most common dangers on the road — but what about on your bike? Rear end cycling accidents are more common than people think. Statistics show that these kinds of accidents account for about 40% of bicycle accidents... read more

Best Cycling Shoes of 2017

2017 is here, and many cyclists like to pick up new gear for a new season. Cycling shoes are an important part of any riding regimen. From new trends in laces to innovative materials, there are many great choices for shoes this year. Lighter, brighter, more... read more

Cycling Diets: Foods to Include

Diet is an essential part of any exercise plan — cycling included. While some associate diets with bland food and persistent hunger, that doesn’t have to be the case. Simply cutting calories can lead to malnutrition and low energy. A good part of your... read more

Getting in Cycling Shape

Spring is getting closer, and with it more regular cycling. You may soon find yourself looking at your bike, and fretting that you haven’t stayed in shape through the winter. But don’t worry — you’re not alone. It is sometimes difficult getting... read more

Cycling Resolutions: Seize the New Year

No matter how accomplished or experienced you are as a cyclist, it always helps to set goals. Staying motivated and engaged is essential to an effective cycling regimen. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we like to set cycling resolutions at the start of each year, and this... read more

Unusual Bike Accidents

Recently, a news article on NPR highlighted a bizarre bicycle accident in Chicago. A city council member complained about squirrels making a mess out of his garbage cans. Then, a squirrel attacked his bike while he was on a ride. His bike flipped after the squirrel... read more

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