Lake Tahoe Destination Cycling Trip

Lake Tahoe Destination Cycling Trip

You may remember a previous blog post that recaptured my experience during the Rockwell Relay (now called Vision Relay), which consisted of a 4-man – 525 mile cycling race from Moab to St. George, Utah. The ride is beautiful and challenging (especially since... read more

999 Ride in Salt Lake City

Cyclists at any skill level come together on Thursday nights At 9:00 o’clock PM on 900 South and 900 East. This cycling event is called the 999 Ride and is the largest weekly cycling event in Salt Lake City. The first moments of tightly gripping the handlebars,... read more

Staying Hydrated While Cycling

Staying Hydrated While Cycling is Important  Up to 75% of Americans fail to drink the prescribed 10 daily cups of water. If you ride at a high intensity, staying hydrated while cycling can be crucial. Every working part of your body is fueled with water. Cyclists look... read more

Cycling and Heart Health

Cycling benefits bike riders in many different ways. Many cyclists can agree that consistent riding improves their physical health and fitness. Not only that, but it may even help our mental health, as well. One aspect of cycling’s benefits that is particularly... read more

Underwater Cycling: From The Gym to Deep Dives

As cyclists, we enjoy new challenges on our bikes. A good old-fashioned ride is always a great option, but sometimes it can be rewarding to explore other possibilities. For example, the unique and fairly new sport of underwater cycling. Imagine riding your bike in a... read more

Cycling and Longevity: Adding Years on Your Bike

Exercising generally contributes to a longer, healthier life. Cycling is our exercise of choice, and it can positively affect many areas of personal health and fitness. Some of our other blog posts discuss these unique benefits of cycling. Recently, we became... read more

Bicycle Wrongful Death Accident Cases

image by GiselaFotografie on Pixabay Losing a loved one can be unbearable, especially if it is the result of a bicycle accident. According to, Utah on average has 5 bicycle accident deaths a year. To some that may seem like a small number, but for those... read more

Faulty Bikes: Cycling and Product Liability

A large number of serious bike accidents are collisions between drivers and cyclists. However, that is not the only way that cyclists can find themselves seriously injured. Faulty bikes, or faulty bike parts, cause far too many accidents. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we... read more

Modern Cycling Safety Equipment: Ideas and Options

All experienced cyclists know the importance of helmets and other safety equipment. As we move into the modern age, companies are constantly pushing to make better and more advanced versions of this equipment. Many of this modern gear is both safe and great-looking.... read more

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