What is Strava Cycling?

Strava claims to be “the Social Network for Athletes”. Why? Through a website and mobile app, the Strava Cycling apps track an athlete’s activity through GPS. The app is popular with cyclists, as tracking and timing routes is an important routine for those who bike regularly and strive to improve. As Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we have used these apps to enhance our cycling experience and it has only made us more passionate.

Strava syncs with your phone, GPS watch, or even a head unit, and it can track and record metric performance. Strava measurements include:

  • Heart rate
  • Power meter
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Elevation
  • Location

Extensive apps “powered by Strava” allow users to personalize their athletic activity. This is done through Strava’s Application Program Interface. These apps range from meeting cycling partners, to tracking a regular commute, and even collaborating group rides online.  

Group Ride Leaderboards

Strava is a social app as much as it seems to be a fitness app. Ethan Fann created an app through Strava where riders can compare a range of statistics between a group of cyclists on any activity. This gives a competitive edge to Strava, as comparing statistics during cycling online can initiate racing. Comparison statistics on Group Ride Leaderboards include:

  • Max Speed
  • Avg Speed
  • Max Power

Commute Marker

Many cyclists may decide to commute by bike. Developed by Olga Grinenko, Commute Marker uses Strava to access and save data on daily commute statistics. Grinenko wanted to make marking commutes easier, as often cycling to work requires knowing safer routes, especially through cities.

Commute Marker is able to save and track your commutes during the day. Registering your usual commute route allows the route to be marked automatically. Commute Marker allows you to:

  • Add and manage commute routes
  • Control detected commutes and changes
  • Track your commute statistics over time


Want to tell the story of a particular ride? Another Strava app which takes advantage of the social aspect of cycling, is StoryTeller. Developed by Gianfranco Pooli, StoryTeller was created to tell the story behind a ride or a run that statistics could not.

StoryTeller works similar to many social media sites. You can post pictures as you tell your story, as well as search for a story athlete or even a location. Statistics are posted above your story, as well as incorporated into the text, and one might find that members often post objectives for the ride. You may comment and like stories to your choosing.

ToolBox For Strava

Many athletes compare themselves to the best to improve. The ToolBox For Strava app created by Italian Marcello Brivio allows you to do just this. You can compare your ride with those famous cyclists from the past and present.

Connecting to your Strava, Toolbox provides multiple additional reports and statistics, such as:

“Year to Date” reports,Strava All-Time Reports, and Strava distance and elevation rankings. Power measurement tools are used to calculate watts per kilogram and ranking. ToolBox for Strava also incorporates social standing on popularity ranking, strava unfollower, and strava fancounter to keep an eye on other Strava users.

Pace Match

If you’re looking for someone to cycle or run with, but at the same pace as you, Pace Match is the Strava app for you. Pace Match calculates your pace partner by location, similar visited sites, and of course your pace.

Winner of the API Developer competition, Pace Match developer Becky Jaimes wished to find a runner who could keep up with her pace. Pace Match can also match people who are signed up for the same race, are travelers passing through a city, and can help you organize or join group activities.

Contact Us if You Are Injured While Cycling

While you are taking the time to enjoy cycling a scenic route, or even just biking to work, safety is not always guaranteed. If you are injured while cycling due to the recklessness of another, whether they are in a car or another vehicle of transportation, Utah Bicycle Lawyers specialize in your case.

We can help you receive compensation for medical treatment, time out of work, and pain and suffering. Contact us to receive a free consultation.

Photo Courtesy of Pexel and KukZaa