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All experienced cyclists know the importance of helmets and other safety equipment. As we move into the modern age, companies are constantly pushing to make better and more advanced versions of this equipment. Many of this modern gear is both safe and great-looking. We at Utah Bicycle Lawyers are always looking for ways to improve our cycling trips, and hope to share them with you. This post identifies some of this modern cycling safety equipment and how it can help you.

Modern Cycling Safety Equipment: Notable Options

These are just some of the great options for modern cycling safety equipment on the market today. Leave a comment and let us know if you know of others!


Yakkay Helmets offer some unique designs that attempt to bring some fashion while you ride. If you’ve ever desired a fedora helmet, you won’t be far off with a Yakkay. The company sells plain bike helmets with several different stylish covers, so you can switch out your fashion whenever you like.

Bulky bike helmets can be a bother. The Carrera Foldable Helmet seeks to provide a solution to this problem. This helmet squeezes together like an accordion, making it easily portable.

This is another foldable helmet option. This helmet folds down to 50% of its original size. It has some innovative safety features built in. For example, when the helmet senses the impact from a collision, it can send a GPA signal to your smartphone, calling 911.

Bike lights and signals

One of the best ways to avoid collisions is to effectively use turn signals. Unfortunately, that can be really hard to do at night. These gloves are designed to help. Zackees gloves function as lit-up turn signals on your hands. They come in winter and summer designs.

It is important to have lights on your bike while riding at night. But how about lasers? The Blaze Laserlight provides exactly that. While you have your front light on, it also projects a bike-shaped laser-light onto the ground in front of you. This way, cars can see that a bike is coming.

Lights and reflectors are not always totally effective while riding your bike. Loud Bicycle’s Bike Horn sounds just like a car horn, increasing the chances that cars will recognize the sound and stop.


Bike locks are essential in our day and age. A huge number of bikes get stolen every day. Seatylock is a bike seat and a bike lock all in one. They are fully capable with any kind of bike that you have, and are one of the most convenient and innovative bike locks around.

This is a high-tech lock option. It has a GPS that connects to your phone, will signal you if someone is trying to steal your bike, and will give off a siren if tampered with, It will also unlock as you, and only you, approach your bike.

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