Every bicyclist dreams of having the bicycle that can do anything—the one they can ride anywhere the way Aladdin rode his magic carpet, Hercules rode his Pegasus, and Miss Gulch rode her bicycle before being reincarnated as the Wicked Witch of the West and trading it in for a broom. Some people may even be lucky enough to own a dream bicycle that carries them over rocks and razor blades to wherever they want to go. Still, no matter how reliable your bicycle is under normal circumstances, it will manifest its weaknesses to the utmost degree under poor bicycling conditions. A wise driver will not flirt with danger.

Some obstacles to bicycling safely, such as those arising from inclement weather, cannot be avoided. However, those obstacles that are man-made (like unheralded construction hazards ahead, open potholes, etc.) should be prevented at all reasonable costs. If you have suffered a serious injury in an encounter with preventable danger, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party. To contact a first tier Utah bicycle accident lawyer from Christensen & Hymas, call (801) 560-0800 for a consultation or 1-800-LAW-BOOK to request a free booklet on bicycle accidents.