There are some things you shouldn’t have to be told.  If you shouldn’t light fires in the house, burning the house to the ground is out of the question.  If vandalism is wrong, so is chopping down a tower of Notre Dame.  If it’s irresponsible to text and drive, why should texting on a bicycle be any better?

Yet, an article in The Examiner expresses concern about what is apparently a real problem.  In fact, the Sun-Times reports that the city council of Chicago has leveled a ban on using a cell phone without a hands-free device while on a bicycle, specifically.  You have probably heard at least ONE dozen times that you shouldn’t text and drive.  Please—don’t ignore the obvious corollary.

Failure to look after your own safety is, sadly, not the only way to become injured on a bicycle.  For Utah bicycle accidents not involving an absurd error in judgment, call 801-506-0800 toll-free for a consultation with Christensen & Hymas.  Getting into scrapes on a bicycle is easy enough without a third party.  You shouldn’t have to worry about driver negligence, unsafe paths, and other hazards on the road in addition.