OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvent though winter is upon us there are still multiple events for the avid cyclists and those simply interested in the sport. The following is a list of events set to take place in Utah and on the national stage in the upcoming winter months.

2013 UVU Cyclo-cross Collegiate Championship

Set to take place December 14th in Orem at UVU campus. The event is a cyclo-cross event and riders can participate to score points throughout the fall and winter seasons, and eventually make it to the world cup that takes place in February.  While some other races are more strategic and longer, this race is straight forward with no obstacles or road challenges. Additionally, this course is one straight route with no switchbacks.  You may register or find more information about the event here.

Christmas Cross

Sponsored out of Santa Clara, Utah this race is all Christmas.  Riders are asked to dress up in Christmas gear as they participate in cycling all day long. Races will range in difficulty and riders of all ages can participate.  Riders should be prepared to be chased by Rudolf the reindeer. This race is considered a cyclo-cross event and could potential give out cycling points. For more information or to register for the race, cyclists can register here.

New Year’s Day Ride

Sponsored by  Mike Cooely in Boise, Idaho; this event is primarily for road touring cyclists and is the only event in the winter season until March. Road touring is a type of redesigned bicycle that is meant to withstand long distances and heavy loads.  If interested you can find more information here.

Downhill Championships

January 17-19, 2014  at Nevada State University. The course is off road and is hand built by Brent Thompsen.  The winner will be qualified to attend the USA Cycling Gravity Nationals, as well as take home a cash prize. This is the first qualifying event of the year for off-road cyclists. Residents can register here.

Global Fat Bike Summit

Set to take place January 24-25 in Ogden, Utah, this event looks to explore all types of “fat” bikes and attachments to make your cycling easier in the winter.  The races and information sessions take place Friday and Saturday, with a fun ride scheduled Sunday from 10-2 PM.  The event will take place on the Ogden Golf Course at the base of the Wasatch mountains.  You can register for the event here.

For those who are still too scared to get outdoors to cycle, spinning is a wonderful option for avid cyclists.  While there are several distinct differences between road cycling and spinning, many riders enjoy the sport with the right instructor and a course with the right rigor.  A list of spinning instructors in the Utah Valley can be found here.

If you do decide to go outdoors, remember to be safe and dress warm for the cold you will surely experience.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.