replace your bike helmet

Is it time to replace your bike helmet? Even if it doesn’t have a scratch on it, you may be due for an upgrade. Helmets are the most important part of your ride, and your safety is worth spending money on.

When should you replace your helmet? Here are a few important facts and tips on how to know when to replace your bike helmet.

When to Replace Your Bike Helmet

After a Crash

If it’s Cracked

  • If you dropped your helmet or it got run over, or anything else cracked it, you should replace it. A cracked helmet will not protect you in a serious accident.

After about 3 Years of Use

  • Different helmets will last different amounts of time, but it’s impossible to tell which ones will last. A helmet’s life can depend on your environment, how you use it, and even the types of sunscreen and bug repellent you use! For these reasons, you shoud replace otherwise undamaged helmets every 3-5 years.

How to Replace Your Bike Helmet

Do Your Research

  • Do research on the best types of helmets. Explore your options for special circumstances like unusual heat or sweating.

Don’t Be Too Cheap

  • Investing in a quality helmet can end up saving you thousands in medical bills, so be willing to spend a little extra. Besides, the better the helmet, the longer it will last, in general.

Don’t Donate the Old Helmet

  • Unless your “old” helmet is actually still new, don’t donate it when you replace it. If your helmet isn’t good enough for you, it probably isn’t good enough for anyone else. Donating an old or slightly damaged helmet can put its future owner in danger.

Protecting yourself is a very important part of cycling. Head and brain injuries can be devastating, but are preventable with a good helmet. Do yourself a favor by making sure you always have a proper bike helmet.

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