Cycling SafetyThe summer sun is rising, and it’s kissing the day—days of outings, races to the park, or simply a new way of getting to work.  For many, it’s been a year or more since last mounting a bicycle.  The saying goes that you never forget how, but the first few attempts of the season are a bit wobbly for some riders.  Nevertheless, you always seem to get the hang of it before long; and in no time at all, you’re whizzing down that dusty road.

You may have remembered how to ride a bicycle, but it’s easy to forget what the experience of trying to compete with other drivers for your spot on the pavement is like.  There’s a ditch to the left of you and what you could swear—and almost do, ahem!—is a student driver to your right.  Threats seem to lurk behind every turn, loom from every driveway, hover over every intersection.

With a bit of practice, you’ll soon circumvent the better part of these specters as easily as you do a fire hydrant on the opposite side of the street.  However, even the most skilled bicyclist cannot avoid every act of recklessness.  If another traveler on the road should ever cause you an injury, and you find your wheels in the sky, Christensen and Hymas can help.  We provide the best For a free consultation with a Utah bicycle accident lawyer, call 801-506-0800; or, if you want tips on bicycle safety before disaster strikes, request a free bicycle accident book by calling 1-800-LAW-BOOK.