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With more people using bikes as their primary mode of transportation, cities feel the pressure to become more bike-friendly. They are adding protected lanes, designated bike parking, and special signals to help cyclists. Cities in Utah are no exception. In fact, in 2015, Utah ranked among the top 5 most bike-friendly states in the nation. Utah bike lanes are a large part of this high ranking. This post takes a look at some of the recent projects and efforts to add these types of lanes.

Utah Bike Lanes: Salt Lake City and Beyond

Salt Lake City is seeing a surge in protected bike lanes, and the city as a whole is reaping the benefits. When the city reduced parking to build designated bike lanes on 300 South (Broadway), many people were concerned about the street’s businesses. However, after they added the bike lanes, sales at these businesses actually increased.

Utah’s capital and most populous city is making major strides, but it is not the only one. Ogden, north of Salt Lake, recently unveiled its own “Bicycle Master Plan.” This plan includes $7.9 million in potential projects, including, for example, shared lanes, protected lanes, and bike boulevards.

Utah Bicycle Lawyers

We are Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, and we wholeheartedly support efforts to making cycling easier and safer. We frequently represent injured cyclists in accident cases, and so many of these tragic accidents are easily avoidable. New Utah bike lanes are helping to solve this problem.

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