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As Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, people often ask us what we can do for injured cyclists. There is a long list of legal services that we provide for our clients. But, we know that for many, financial compensation to cover medical costs and damages is of utmost importance. We pride ourselves on helping injured cyclists win the biggest Utah bike accident settlements.

A proper settlement covers everything from medical treatments and bills to bike damages and compensation for lost time at work. Winning these settlements from at-fault parties and insurance companies is no easy task, however, and that is why we work for Utah’s cyclists.

What’s at Stake in Utah Bike Accident Settlements

Accident settlements can help recover money lost in many different ways. These include the following:

  • Medical bills and treatment
    • A settlement should compensate the victim for past and future medical bills and treatment. If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you should not go bankrupt because of it.
  • Bike and equipment damages
    • Cyclists invest a lot of money in their bikes and equipment. In many accidents, expensive bikes and parts are damaged beyond repair. We will fight to win money to cover those damages.
  • Lost time/wages at work
    • When you are seriously injured, you may be unable to work. Often, this means you cannot earn a paycheck. Again, you should not pay financially due to an injury beyond your control. A proper settlement should account for lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering and recovery time
    • The consequences of serious bike accident may be felt for a long time, after scars have healed and debts are paid off. Physical, emotional, and mental pain and suffering may linger, and you should have the resources to deal with it effectively.

These are the major aspects of many Utah bike accident settlements. However, each case is unique, and we will build the strongest possible case to serve your unique needs. We have experience winning many different bike accident cases.

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