Between 1996-2005, Utah had the 5th highest fatality rate for bicyclists nationwide.  In recent years, however, those numbers have dwindled impressively; and the state that was once No. 15 for bicyclist fatalities is now No. 13 for bicyclist accommodation.  This data gives bicycling advocates cause for back-patting and incentive to push forward.

Still, the Violence and Injury Prevention Program reports that there were 20,000 injurious bicycle accidents between 2003 and 2007.  Fatality rates are mercifully low, but there are still many people being hurt on their bipedalled steeds.  Progress has been made, but bicyclists in Utah still face many dangers when they set out on the road.

For tips on how to avoid Utah bicycle accidents, call 1-800-LAW-BOOK for a booklet written by Russ Hymas of Christensen & Hymas.  If you have already crossed that bridge, and you face mounting medical and other costs as the result of a bicycle accident, all is not lost.  Call 801-506-0800 for free advice concerning the options at your disposal and your next course of action.

You are more than a statistic.  Call today to ensure that you are not treated like one.