Bicycle accident lawyers are professionals who legally represent bicyclists who have been wrongfully injured through the negligence of another party. The lawyers here at Christensen and Hymas, who specialize in bicycle accidents, advocate enhancing safety measures to protect bicyclists from unnecessary harm. One such safety measure is a training plan, which increases both strength and mobility.

It is widely known to bicyclists who compete regularly of the importance of building their base as the beginning of their training plan. According to, the term base-building essentially means practicing low-intensity rides, which is to be a great way to strengthen your aerobic system. Once you feel you are aerobically ready, you then start including harder workouts into your training schedule. Furthermore, once you are able to obtain your base, your body will burn fat and begin to process lactose more efficiently.

The most significant impact of such a plan is your enhanced safety. It is important to note that the process of building your base takes an average of 15 hours a week of training on the bicyclist’s part. In order to overcome this obstacle for the more time deficient athlete, suggests using an 8 to 11 week build period as your training plan. This includes 4 hard days, one of which will be an interval ride, then three off days for recovery.

Essential Hydration Advice

With summer just around the corner, ensuring you are properly hydrated becomes an even higher requirement. With increasing heat and perspiration, our bodies will naturally lose water and salt in abundance. Proper hydration is key to athletes, especially bicyclists who enjoy their sport outdoors in the sun. Included is a list of advice on how to maintain proper hydration in the heat while enjoying your favorite sport:

1. Drink plenty of water the day before and a few hours before your workout;

2. Don’t eat a lot of sugar before or after your workout, sugar intake can dehydrate you;

3. Make sure you drink something with electrolytes included during or after your workout. Gatorade and Powerade are well-known drinks that include your needed intake of electrolytes.

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