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We worked to become Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers because we love cycling. We know how big of an impact an accident can have on a person — physically, mentally, and financially. We wrote the Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook in order to help our fellow cyclists understand their rights and responsibilities after a crash. We offer this book for free, because our first priority is your safety.

This book covers everything from safety tips to laws and insurance information. Our goal is that this book helps educate and protect cyclists across Utah.

What’s in the Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook?

In our opinion, the book contains everything you need to know after a bicycle accident. Some of the most important parts include:

  • Explanations of Utah bicycle laws
  • Information about accident and injury cases
  • Advice about insurance claims and medical treatment
  • Specific aspects of the Utah bicycle accident claims process
  • Tips on cycling safety
  • A breakdown of how an attorney can help you at each step of the way

If you don’t have much experience dealing with insurance companies, you need to know some things before filing a claim. This book cuts through much of the legal and technical jargon and tells you what you need to know.

Explanations of laws and insurance advice may not always be enough after a crash. Bringing an injury case against an insurance company or an individual is sometimes necessary. The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook contains personal stories and testimonials from many of our clients. We are grateful that we are able to regularly help cyclists like Jake from Draper:

“I highly recommend this firm. Their book is full of useful knowledge. Everyone should read it before you are in an accident. I never could have done this without them. It was overwhelming with the bills and insurance companies and adjustors and not knowing if they were looking out for me. Christensen & Hymas took care of everything and made sure I didn’t make a mistake. I got a great settlement that I don’t think I could have done on my own and didn’t have to worry about anything. They followed up on all the details, including my health insurance, and just took the stress away.”

Order a free copy of the Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook and schedule a free consultation today to discuss your case with us.

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