The Christensen Law Firm is proud to sponsor the 2012 Utah Bike Summit, taking place on Friday, May 4 in Logan. The main reason to hold the Utah Bike Summit is to bring cyclists together to support improved cyclist environmental conditions and infrastructure, which in turn encourages more people in Utah to get on a bike! Secondly, attending this event will increase camaraderie with your fellow cyclists, ensuring you make friends who enjoy the same recreational activities as you. This event is something that you surely should not miss!

Bicycle Accident Prevention           

As attorneys who are familiar with the tragic effects of cycling accidents, bicycle safety is something we regard as important and critical in the community. The Christensen Law Firm believes that safety is imperative when having fun outdoors. In order to understand what bicycle safety entails, you need to learn the fundamentals of bicycle accident prevention. The following is a modified list provided by of the basics:

  • Bicycling training: Check out your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce for bicycle safety training classes.
  • Bicycle safety equipment: Always wear a helmet and reflective gear. Place reflectors on frame and wheels.  Make sure the bike fits you well; most bike shops will help you with this. Ensure you perform proper bicycle maintenance before you ride.
  • Obey traffic rules:  Educate yourself on Utah’s bicycle laws.
  • Ride in single file with traffic, not against it.
  • Avoid major roads and sidewalks.

The Christensen Law Firm is well known in the community for their bicycle safety awareness. We are dedicated professionals who make compassion and devotion to our clients and community our number one concern. If you should ever become a victim of a bicycle accident, contact us at 801-506-0800 for a free consultation.