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We know that a big part of enjoying cycling is finding a great bike to work with. If you are new to cycling or looking to fit your bike purchase within a budget, used bikes can be a good option. But how do you go about finding high-quality used bikes in Utah? As is the case with most things nowadays, the internet can assist you in this search. Here are some ways to go about looking for a used bike.

How to Find Used Bikes in Utah

Finding a used bike online is easy — but make sure you actually see the bike before you agree to anything.

Local bike trader is an online marketplace specifically for used bicycles. The site allows you to filter maker, year, size, and many other categories to find just what you are looking for. You can find anything from kid’s bikes to high-end road bikes on sale here.

The KSL news station in Utah has an online classifieds section in which people can post items for sale. There are many bicycles for sale on the site. Take a look around and see if anything interests you!

Craigslist is a popular choice when shopping for just about anything nowadays. The simple website allows you to browse options in your area. This makes delivery or pick-up easy, and reduces the risks of buying.

Shopping online for used bikes in Utah can lead you to some great finds and deals. But it is also less regulated and secure than buying at a store. As we mentioned earlier, make sure you see and inspect the bike before agreeing to anything, and watch out for any suspicious behavior by the seller. Be sure to inspect the frame and wheels in particular. Damage to these parts can be very expensive to repair.

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We wish you the best of luck as you search for your perfect used bike. The name of our practice — Utah Bicycle Lawyers — reflects our love of cycling, and we encourage anyone who is interested in the sport to pursue it in whatever way they can.

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