Now that the sun is out longer with each passing day, three facts arise. First, temperatures are warmer and our skin again has the opportunity to soak up the sun’s rays and create vitamin D. Second, bicycle road races begin and will occur in many cities across Utah.  This very month two well known annual races, Salt Lake City Bike Tour and East Canyon Echo Road Race, will take place on April 21st. Third, since the number of bicyclists is increasing, so do bicycle accident injuries. Today and/or before you go out for your next ride, you should take all of the safety precautions necessary to avoid an accident and know what to do in case you are in one. Essentially, this particular legal representative defends you in the event you become injured through the negligence of another party while riding your bicycle.

List of Bicycle Road Races

There are several places you can go to locate your local bicycle events. Cycling Utah is a great source of information for your favorite sport and pastime. You could always pick up their monthly newspaper or go online to For your convenience, the following is a list of races gathered from Cycling Utahand many other websites


  • 7th: Hell of the North Road Race
  • 14/15th: Tour of the Depot
  • 21st: Salt Lake City Bike Tour
  • 21st: East Canyon Echo Road Race
  • 8th: Front Runner Century


  • 5th: Antelope Island Classic
  • 5th: Ghost Town Century
  • 12th: Bear Lake Classic
  • 12th: Gran Fondo Moab
  • 19th: Cycle Salt Lake Century


  • 9th: Tour de Cure
  • 16th: Huntsman 140


  • 14th: Cache Valley Gran Fondo
  • 27/28th: Saints to Sinners


  • 4th: ULCER 2012


  • 8th: Lotoja.  801-546-0090
  • 22nd: Million Miles at Miller Century Ride

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