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Recently, a news article on NPR highlighted a bizarre bicycle accident in Chicago. A city council member complained about squirrels making a mess out of his garbage cans. Then, a squirrel attacked his bike while he was on a ride. His bike flipped after the squirrel jumped into the spokes of his front wheel. According to the article, the man said it was “like a suicide bomber getting revenge.” This story reflects an interesting history of unusual bike accidents. As Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, we represent cyclists injured in all kinds of accidents. This post identifies some of their less common causes.

Unusual Bike Accidents: Lesser-Known Causes

In our work as bicycle accident lawyers, we often see how serious car-on-bike accidents can be. Collisions with vehicles are some of the most common types of bicycle accidents. However, they are not the only type. Other causes of bike accidents include:

  • Road hazards

Sometimes, obstacles in the road like potholes, gutters, and drains can cause bike accidents. The city may be liable for your injuries if they did not properly maintain these road features.

  • Animals

As seen in the story above, animals can impede riders and even cause them to crash. The man in Chicago suffered a fractured skull, showing how serious these accidents can be. Always be on the lookout for animals and pets while you ride.

  • Other cyclists

While cars are often see as the most dangerous vehicular threat on the road, other cyclists can sometimes cause collisions. Bike-on-bike collisions can cause serious injury. Practice defensive cycling — much like you would defensive driving.

These are just some of the causes of bike accidents that are not thought of as much as cars. If cyclists are injured in unusual bike accidents due to someone else’s negligence, they deserve compensation for their losses. Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers can help!

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