college campus with bicycle_by dyoder on WikipediaDue to the fact that many college students choose bikes as their primary mode of transportation, bicycle accidents can occur frequently on college campuses. One example may include a college student riding his bike on his way to an early morning class. Just a block away from the building, he hits a sink hole in the sidewalk, throwing him down a nearby set of stairs. A serious injury ensues, the student falling into a coma and losing complete recollection of the event. A simple bike ride to class turned into a few weeks in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and five reconstructive surgeries. Such an unfortunate event could happen to anyone. In many cases, acquiring an attorney is crucial in helping an individual bear with a complex legal systems that can arise when dealing with insurance companies.

Statute of Limitations Involving a Bicycle Accident

The statute of limitations is essentially the window of opportunity from the date of the accident in which a victim may file a law suit. Accident claims can last a long time, in some instances, several years. Filing a claim in a timely manner is critical in receiving the compensation you desire to help you get back on your feet. If your circumstance requires help navigating the legal courses of your claim before the statue of limitation for your case expires, seek out an attorney who specializes in bicycle accidents.

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Image courtesy of Dyoder on Wikipedia.