It’s the season for giving, but you’re not sure what to get your cycling friends. They already have bikes, helmets, and bike shorts, what else could they want?

The truth is, nowadays you can get your favorite cyclist countless gadgets that can make their riding experiences even better. This holiday season, give your cyclists some of the latest technology so they can ride in style. Here is a list of seven of the coolest new bike accessories:

Power Lever XL

Two yellow tire levers.Every cyclist gets a flat tire on occasion. A quick fix can get you back on the road in no time at all.

Tire levers are essential for getting your flat replaced as fast as possible, but not all tire levers are created equal. The Power Lever XL is extra long so you can get more leverage and fix your tires fast, but they are still travel-sized and light.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and practical gift, pick up a set.


HammerHead – CO2 Tire Inflator

Tire inflator with CO2 canister. Even if you can switch your tube on the go, you still need to re-inflate your tire. Miniature pumps take time and energy, delaying and spoiling a ride.

Compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) is the solution. This tire inflator is the quickest way to get up and running after a flat. It’s lightweight, portable, and inexpensive.

You may want to get some replacement canisters because each canister is only good for one inflation. If your cyclist uses self-repairing slime tires, these canisters are a perfect fit.

With slime tires and this CO2 tire inflator, cyclists can fix flats in seconds without even removing the tire.


The Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit

Finger touches smartphone mounted on bikeUsing your phone while cycling can be dangerous and distracting, but sometimes you need your smartphone for directions or communication, even while you are in the saddle.

To make phone use safer, get this Universal Bike Mount Kit and turn your phone into an cycling computer. If the cyclists in your life use any apps for cycling, they will appreciate the ease-of-use this kit brings.



Speaker in shape of a waterbottleHaving music on your ride is great, but wearing headphones while cycling can be a hazard. If your cyclist wants to enjoy music without sacrificing safety, get him or her a BoomBottle.

This speaker is rugged, waterproof, and fits in a standard water-bottle cage. It has Bluetooth, so you can control it from your phone while you ride. The 10-hour battery life means the music can last an entire ride.

If your cyclist loves music, and if you are OK with spending a little more money on a gift, look no farther than the BoomBottle.



Free Parable Design Monkii Cage

Specialized bike cage for water-bottle.Maybe you can’t get your cyclist a boombox for their water-bottle cage because they don’t have a cage.

In that case, your decision is easy: get a cage. Hydration is crucial for cyclists. They need a reliable way to carry water.

If you get the Monkii Cage, your friends can use whatever water bottles they already have; it’s one size fits all.

This is another inexpensive option. If your cyclist doesn’t have a cage yet, they definitely need one.


ICEdot Crash Sensor

When your cyclist goes on long bike rides, you might worry about crashes and injuries. You probably support cycling—it is a healthy habit—but you know it’s still risky.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor can protect your cyclist and give you peace of mind. This sensor connects to a smartphone and sends an alert to emergency contacts in the event of a crash.Small yellow motion sensor.

The sensor attaches to a helmet. After a sudden acceleration, a warning goes off on the cyclist’s phone. If the cyclist doesn’t cancel the alert in time, the app sends out the crash alert with the crash location marked on a map.

If your cyclist is ever injured in a crash, you will be notified immediately, and you will know where to send help. If you are looking for a pricier gift for a serious cyclist, this may be what you are looking for.



Navigation tool mounted on front of bicycle.Last but not least, the Hammerhead is the most cutting-edge gadget on the list. It is a brand-new navigation tool that connects wirelessly to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Flashing lights tell riders when to turn and warn when they take a wrong turn. The idea is that cyclists can get directions out of the corners of their eyes, without having to take their eyes off the road to consult a bike computer.

If your biker is tech-savvy and has a smartphone, the Hammerhead could be a great new biking accessory.


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