Keeping your bicycle on the road is a big priority for a lot of cyclists. Break downs take away valuable time you could spend riding, and cyclists sometimes take extreme measures to keep their bikes rolling. Now before we get into this slideshow of exotic repairs, I have to say that we here at Christensen and Hymas urge you to get proper repairs with correct parts. These will keep you safer, and safety should be your biggest priority. Still, you have to admire the ingenuity.

Drop bars from Bambi

bad bike repair antlers

Drop bars are great for improving your aerodynamic performance, and these get the job done. However, getting in an accident could help you become one with nature in all the wrong ways.





Fuel Efficient Mayhem

large wheel bad bike fixes

There is definitely some give and take here. Your lameness will plummet, but your rolling resistance will be going through the roof. Feel the burn!




Childhood Mashup

scooter bad bike fixes

I guess three wheels are better than two, right? At least off jumps you’ll be able to do two tail whips at once. You could also take a really tiny person for a pretty intense ride.




One with Nature

log seat bad bike fixes

I for one am hoping that duct tape holds up, because otherwise there is going to be some splinters in less than ideal places. On the plus side, you could probably use it as a battering ram in emergencies.

Hands at 10 and 2

steering wheel bad bike fixes

Just because you’re on two wheels, that doesn’t take away your need for speed. The airbag could also come in handy.






Mom said to play outside

controller bad bike fixes

Did you ever feel like time on your bike was time you could be practicing your video game skills? Well now you can do both! Now you get to play real life Mario Kart on your way to work and back. Although people will likely get upset when you start throwing banana peels and turtle shells at them.







Duct tape to the rescue!

duct tape bad bike fixes

I don’t want to know how many holes in a single tire would require this much duct tape, but if it rolls, go with it I suppose. It’s only a matter of time before there is more duct tape than rubber here. Someone should tell this guy that  a new tire only costs about as much as three or four rolls of duct tape.


Be just a wee moment

bagpipes bad bike fixes

To be fair here, air is air. If you get it into the tires, I guess I can’t really call it a bad fix. But there are two very important requirements to making this fix work: strong lungs and very patient neighbors.

Like I said before, safety needs to remain top priority on bicycles, especially when you are riding on roads with motor vehicles. We strongly recommend factory parts and proper repairs, because some of these methods could make you a menace to other vehicles. I’m all for ingenuity, but not at the expense of safety.