spring cycling training plan

You made it through winter, and now it’s time to think about your spring cycling training plan. How long has it been since you’ve been on a nice, long cycling trip? Pull your bike off the rack, dust it off, and start your spring cycling today!

Steps to the Best Spring Cycling Training Plan

No training plan is perfect, but here are some ways to make yours as good as possible.


  • The most difficult step in a spring cycling training plan is often just getting started.
  • The longer you put off that first ride, the less effective your plan will be.
  • There will never be a perfect time to start- so just start now!

Write it out

  • Writing goals down will help you remember and achieve them.
  • Write out specific parts of your plan, such as goals, dates, people you want to cycle with, and trips you want to go on.

Make it reasonable

  • Setting unreasonable goals may feel “ambitious,” but it’s really just unreasonable.
  • Make your goals simple and achievable, but make yourself work for them.
  • Failing to reach unreasonable goals will be demotivating and negatively affect your spring cycling training plan.

Use your resources

  • Use cycling forums, groups, and websites to get ideas and support.
  • Use cycling apps to make your rides more rewarding.
  • Make a playlist that you’ll enjoy listening to while cycling.

Get involved

  • Find a race to participate in and set a goal finish time.

Ride with friends

  • If your spring cycling training plan is feeling lonely, think about inviting a friend or family member to ride with you.
  • It can be more fun and effective if you have someone keeping you on track.

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