Michael A Schafer, a bicycle accident attorney in Louisville, Kentucky, is continually delivering smart information on how to remain safe of the roads for cyclist. The Following list is a smart list for both cyclist and drivers.  As a cyclist, following these six tips could mean the difference between a nice ride and severe injury, even death.  As a driver, it is also important to be aware of the many riders on the road.

Avoid Busy Roads:

Driving one busy street is one thing but riding your bicycle on that same road may not be the best choice. Discovering a different route that uses smaller side streets with fewer cars is preferable to busy thoroughfares. Fewer cars, slower cars and less distracted drivers is safer for cyclist.

Pretend You Are Invisible:

Ride as though you are invisible to motorists. This means riding in such a way that even if a car does not see you there is little chance they will hit you. By adopting this mindset you will stay out of the way of cars and trucks.

Use Turning Signals:

By alerting motorists what your intentions are will make your ride safer.

Use Headlights and Taillights:

The more visible you are to other vehicles the safer you will be. Headlights will allow the cars in front of you to see you and taillights will allow the cars behind you to spot you. Do not assume the light colored clothing will have the same effect.

Do Not Use Headphones:

As a cyclist you need to hear what is going on around you at all times. Listening to music or talking on the phone will make that very difficult. Avoid that temptation and you will be much safer.

Be a Lane Hog:

When possible and appropriate you should take up the entire lane. It provides better visibility and prevents cars from passing too closely.

There are many other safety measures. Use your common sense when riding. Be aware of your surroundings and you should have a healthy and safe ride.

Photo courtesy of Faungg’s Photo on Flickr