Justin Haslam v. Safeco Insurance

After more than 2 years battling with Safeco Insurance Company of America’s, we are pleased that we were able to settle the case of our client, Justin Haslam. Before his accident, Justin was a very active person, regularly participating in cycling—including riding with the Utah State University cycling team—, running, and  many other outdoor sports in the Ogden area.

sardineA distracted driver struck Justin while he was riding his bicycle through Sardine Canyon outside of Brigham City. He suffered numerous injuries that will keep him from fully enjoying his favorite activities. Though his life has been altered because of the accidents, we are glad to have been able to provide him with relief from his medical bills and means with which to make up for the disruption that this negligent driver caused. It was an uphill battle to get the negligent driver’s insurance to admit fault in the case. We put all of our energy into uncovering the actions that led to the collision, and into getting the necessary compensation for Justin. Read the Examiner article here.

No amount of money could possibly compensate Justin for the pain that he has gone through, or for the fact that he will never be able to enjoy or participate in cycling to the same degree he did before. We are pleased, however, that through his perseverance in seeing this claim through to the end, he will have some level of relief form the worries and difficulties that this tragic accident brought into his life.

The settlement was for a total of $75,000. This total represents both current and future medical care, as well as pain and suffering for loss of quality of life.