The results were proof that efforts to promote and encourage bicycling as a means of transportation have paid off.

When comparing the 2010 data with the new 2011 data, the counters found that there had been a 27.15% growth in the past year.

Each location that was counted had at least an 11% increase in bike traffic.

Helmet usage was also counted and calculated per location. This is an important factor in the increasing of bike traffic. Helmets are vital to keeping bikers safe if they are ever involved in any type of collision.

Some locations had helmet usage percentages as high as 98%, (Parley’s Crossing), while other areas need great improvement, (Main Street at 1300 South with 19%).

The final increase of Salt Lake City’s cyclists was then compared to other similar cities including, New York (14%), San Francisco (8.5%), Portland, OR (7.6%) and Tucson (23%).

Sale Lake City had the greatest increase of the five areas that calculated that increase in one-year increments.

The next bike count will take place September 11-16, 2012.

The bicycle accident attorneys at the Christensen Law Firm appreciate the ongoing efforts being made to increase awareness of bicycling as a means of transportation in Utah.