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Whether you need some new gear, a new bike, or some repair help, a bike shop can be a big help. They are a great resource, and luckily Salt Lake has several quality shops. Not too long ago, we posted a blog about how local bike shops can help you after a bike accident. Hopefully, that is not always the situation leading you to seek out a shop. This post identifies some other great Salt Lake area bike shops that can help you with whatever you need.

Salt Lake Area Bike Shops

We identified some great shops in the previous post we mentioned above. Here are some other great Salt Lake area bike shops.

  • Located downtown, Crank SLC is “dedicated to the Urban Commuter.” If you bike to work, and need help with equipment or other needs, this is one of your best options.
  • Cranky’s Bike Shop is one of the newest shops in Salt Lake City. They sell many different brands of bicycles, and offer maintenance and repair services. Cranky’s is located near the University of Utah campus, and is a great option for students who use their bikes to get around school.
  • Another place we recommend is Highlander Bike. This shop is owned and operated by bike mechanics and enthusiasts, You can expect experienced quality and effective service if you work with Highlander.

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Many bike hiccups and problems can be fixed at a local bike shop, but others need legal assistance. If you are injured in a bike accident due to someone else’s carelessness, we at Utah Bicycle Lawyers can help you get what you need. We regularly win large accident settlements for our clients.

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