Have you ever seen those people whose strategy for staying dry in a surprise rainstorm is the same as that of Monty Python’s King Arthur when he encounters danger—that is, to “run away”? Or have you ever noticed that this method is the same one used by children whose plan of action for catching every snowflake on their tongue involves running around?

Unless you employ the same logic as the aforementioned groups, you have probably wondered why the run-around approach is supposed to be effective. After all, rain doesn’t slow down or disperse for people who run from it. Neither does speed ensure that you will be able to circumvent the laws of physics—wouldn’t you miss at least as many as you catch?

We know that running from precipitation by running into it headlong is illogical. Likewise, bicycling across the street instead of dismounting is more dangerous than it is convenient. No one likes to hop off just to get back on in under 10 seconds; but the question of how to avoid Utah bicycle accidents largely depends on these irritating minor precautions. No bicycle is going to outpace a car; but walking across the street allows the bicyclist more time to see oncoming disaster.

If you, a law-abiding bicyclist have been injured anywhere on the road, call toll-free at 801-506-0800 for Christensen & Hymas. (Like a bicycle on a crosswalk, there are times when prior caution only gets you so far.)