Provo’s bicycle committee chairman is hard at work trying to make the world a safer place for the city’s bikes. His most recent venture is to get better and more bike racks put downtown. He believes this is a win-win for the city because if there are places to securely lock a bike then more people will travel downtown for food and shopping.

Bikers everywhere are thrilled at the prospect of having bike racks that will actually keep their equipment safe. However, there has been a significant increase in bike thefts this year across the state of Utah from existing bike racks. So, the question is, even though there’s a bike rack, will your bike be safe?

In order to make cyclists feel more comfortable Provo is helping to increase bike interest by putting a moratorium on the price of a bike license. This moratorium would keep it at the $1 price that it is now. It is in the best interest of cyclists to get this license because it means that the serial number on the bike will be available on a national database, which will be extremely helpful in recovering your bike should theft occur.

Bicycle theft is a great concern for a broad range of cycling enthusiasts, including avid riders and college students. Another way to ensure your bike is protected on a bike rack is bicycle insurance. Insurance for your bike is a great asset to have and there are several ways to make sure your bike is covered. For detailed information on this follow this link for a detailed how-to.

All of this is for the eventual outcome of Provo being seen as a bike-friendly town for citizens and tourists alike. There are already great trails that set Provo apart from other places and it seems that soon safety and accessibility will also be a draw.

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