mascot presidents on bikes

U.S. Presidents have had many different hobbies, but one that seems to always stick around is cycling. This President’s Day, we at Utah Bicycle Lawyers decided to compile some images of real presidents on bikes, not just the mascots in the picture above. Take a look at some of these cyclists-in-chief, and get ready to hit the road yourself!

presidents on bikes nixon

President Nixon

President Nixon was concerned about the health of American youth. Before his political career ended in scandal, he helped develop fitness programs in schools. He enjoyed riding bikes with his family.

Image from The Bicycle Story

presidents on bikes reagan

President Reagan

This photo shows a young Ronald Reagan with his first wife, Jane Wyman. His life would change dramatically when he went from famous actor to president, but he always enjoyed riding bikes.

Image from Geoffrey Franklin

presidents on bikes clinton

President Bill Clinton

This photo shows Bill and Hillary Clinton riding their bikes along the beach, well before Hillary would launch her bid to potentially become the next cyclist-in-chief.

presidents on bikes obama

President Obama

Nowadays, thinking of presidents on bikes usually leads to images of Barack Obama. President Obama was often photographed riding his bike, and was known for being health-conscious. He enjoyed riding bikes with his wife and daughters.

Image by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

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