The Accident x-ray of shatter femur with rod

It was a warm morning in July of 2013 when Jeff Bickle started out on his morning bike ride, not knowing that his life would soon be turned upside down. While riding in the bike lane on Wall Avenue in Ogden, a careless driver made an unsafe left-hand turn directly into Jeff’s bike, smashing his left leg.  Jeff had been training all year for LoToJa, a one-day, 206 mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but in an instant, he couldn’t even walk. The collision fractured every bone in Jeff’s left leg.


two cyclists riding in LoToJaJeff spent several days in the hospital and underwent surgery to repair his broken leg.  But even after 6 months of recovery, the fractured leg was not healing. He had to have another surgery to install a metal rod and perform a bone graft to help bridge a large gap between the damaged bones. It was a long, difficult recovery for Jeff and his family that lasted more than a year. But Jeff would not be deterred. Remarkably, through his hard work and determination, Jeff was able to finish his 10th LoToJa bike race last year as a member of the race team alongside the attorneys Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas. “It’s amazing how far Jeff has come since his accident.  It’s always a privilege representing clients like Jeff that never give up after a tragic event,” said Ken Christensen.