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Cycling is a great hobby. It helps you get out of the house and stay active. But can cycling be a job? There are some clear examples of this, such as professional cyclists and newspaper deliverers. But there are also many odd bike jobs that you may have never thought about. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we love learning new things about the cycling world. So, we did some research and wrote a post about some of the most interesting bike jobs.

 Our Favorite Odd Bike Jobs

Taxidermy usually involves stuffing animals for display. But one company does “bicycle taxidermy,” to preserve your favorite bikes. They mount your old handlebars on a crafted wooden plaque, so that you can always remember your old ride!

Ever wondered what it would be like to go fishing for bikes? In some Amsterdam canals, there are so many sunken bikes that they scratch the bottoms of passing boats. “Bike fishers” retrieve these bikes with a metal claw, and catch about 15,000 bikes a year. This is one of these odd bike jobs that we would love to try.

  • Cycle Barista

If you love coffee, why not sell it on the back of your bike? Like in the photo above, you can trick out a trike with a coffee machine and fixings. Especially in fast-paced big cities, this could be a great business idea.

  • Cycle Liaison Officer

In Dublin, Ireland, there is a city government official responsible for overseeing its cycling. So, if you love politics and cycling, you may want to move across the pond and try this out.

  • Bicycle Laundromat

The company Wash Cycle Laundry picks up and transports your laundry to their washing centers on bicycle. This is a convenient and green way of getting your laundry done. They are a growing company, and we hope they make it to Utah someday.

If you know of other odd bike jobs, leave a comment and let us know!

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