no bicycle insurance? no problemBicycling is growing in popularity in the United States.  As this activity becomes more prevalent, more bicycle lanes are installed, more drivers become accustomed to seeing bicyclists, and bicycling becomes safer overall as a result.  Although bicycling has yet to gain universal acceptance as a standard mode of travel and not just a leisurely pastime, bicycle/motor vehicle (BMV) accidents are on the decline and bicycling is on the rise.  It seems that things will only get better for bicyclists in the States from here on out.

There is still one thing that needs to change before the nation transitions into a state of bona fide bicycle-friendliness:  bicycle insurance is a mess.

Strictly speaking, bicycle insurance does not exist in the U.S.  Bicycle accidents may be covered under auto insurance, but many bicyclists choose bicycles in the first place because they cannot afford cars or they simply wish to be environmentally friendly.  Sometimes bicycle insurance may fall under homeowner’s or renter’s policies, but this generally covers only damage to property.  It can be nearly impossible for a bicyclist to acquire insurance to cover their own injuries in a BMV accident.

Thus, if you, as a bicyclist, are seriously injured on the road, you might need a bicycle accident attorney to help you seek damages from the motorist, or to get the most out of your insurance.  Personal injury claims are difficult enough without the complications involved in covering bicycle damage—don’t take on the challenge alone.

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