LifeBEAM Technologies Ltd. is a company based out of Israel whose purpose is to “bring the health monitoring industry to new heights.” They are a very cool company that has transferred their large-scale work in Defense and Aerospace Domains into small-scale personal fitness advantages.
Coming very soon, LifeBEAM is launching an Iniegogo campaign for a new cycling helmet, that uses smart sensors for tracking your heart rate.

Thus far, LifeBEAM has specialized in aerospace technology, some of which was used to track vital signs of fighter jet pilots and astronauts. Then one day someone had the brilliant idea to use that technology in a personal fitness setting. Thus the world’s first smart helmet is soon to be born. If a cyclist wanted to track his or her heart rate or vitals, the norm has always been a bulky chest strap monitors, now LifeBEAM has created specialized sensors that can be put into a helmet, a light-weight, convenient alternative.
Because this is their first endeavor in a consumer facing product, they are partnering with cycling gear outfitters, Lazer Sport a company with the experience and know-how in designing and producing bicycle helmets. With Lazer Sport’s expertise on the commercial business end, and LifeBEAM’s brilliant technology, they are an alliance and team worth taking note of.
The SMART helmet combines the algorithms and sensors originally created for fighter pilots & astronauts, and puts them into the Lazer’s “Genesis” helmet. This combination results in a helmet that can provide “highly accurate, real time measurements of heart rate under normal as well as extreme physiological conditions without the problems inherent to chest straps.” They use non-invasive, optical methods with miniature components, allowing for “unobtrusive & continuous physiological monitoring.”

With the right amount of funding, the helmet will be sleek and handsome, with very high-end technology inside. LifeBEAM said in their IndieGogo video, “We are proud to present the world’s first smart cycling helm.”

If you are an intense cyclist, all the better! LifeBEAM’s expertise has created technology that will work under the most extreme conditions. If you’re a mountain biker, or love the challenge of rain or snow, you are good to go with the SMART helmet.
And you can see all this information on most devices and apps in the market. The processing unit turns the motion artifact data into clean, understandable, readable information, and wirelessly transmits the information in real-time to Bluetooth, smartphones, fitness watches, cycling computers, you name it! You can also connect with most fitness applications for more functions like average speed, distance, pace GPS, calories burned, etc.

The ideal goal is to raise at least $50,000. If you want to contribute $149, you will get your own SMART helmet! click HERE to donate today, and help get this awesome project on its feet.