Bikeways in Salt Lake City and across the country are undergoing a swift evolution in design and number. Salt Lake’s on-road bicycle network has already grown by 23 miles of new bikeways. In addition to allocating more bike lanes, there are now specially designated shared lanes and low-stress bikeways where bicyclists are separated from moving traffic by delineator posts.

Christensen Law Firm’s bicycle accident attorneys believe that cities need a new urban biking program that includes the designation of bike lanes. These lanes help give character to road space, reduce the stress level of cyclists riding in traffic, encourage bicyclists to ride in the proper direction of travel and suggest to motorists the idea that cyclists have a right to the road. Bike lanes help the flow of traffic and clearly designate cyclist’s path for drivers.

Bike lane safety issues continue to shake the world. Many countries in Europe, such as France, UK and Holland, pioneered bicycle lane usage. Bicycle lanes are a fast-growing trend in many different American communities. The lanes are often shared with pedestrians but rarely with motor vehicles.

The bicycle accident attorneys of the Christensen Law Firm support the initiative of the Salt Lake City government in attending to the rights of cyclists. If you or a family member has been injured in a vehicle-bike accident please contact us 801.506.0800 to find out what options are available to you.