Listen to the wind blow. Watch the sun rise. Feel the lactate inflame your anterior thighs as you pedal along on your morning ride. Your heart rises and hovers in your throat as you approach the edge of your favorite hill in anticipation of the downward ascent. At last, you reach the top and seem to freeze in space for a moment before speeding down the hill, pulse pounding and mouth turning upward of its own accord. You remove your feet from the pedals, relishing the feeling of total freedom.

Suddenly, the glide is halted by a violent lurch; and you are flung forward—not from the bicycle’s acceleration, but over the handlebars. Your internal organs seem to explode against each other like water balloons as you make contact with the ground and your bike clatters to a stop several miles away (it seems). Shocked and winded, you inspect the damage to yourself and to your mount. Miraculously, you are unhurt, but you’re not sure you can say the same for your bicycle. You wait a few moments to get your bearings, then stand up and walk over to your bike. You see it at once: your bike chain, old and rusted, has broken at last.

The components of a bicycle should be kept in top condition—not only for looks, but also for safety. However, there are times when a new bike’s dysfunction or a subpar repair job can derail all a rider’s best efforts at safe travel. In these cases, a bicycle accident lawyer, such as Christensen & Hymas can assist you in seeking damages. Why run in the shadows until the statute of limitations runs out when you can enlist professional help? A free consultation with a compassionate, honest, conscientious bicycle accident lawyer is just 10 digits away. To request yours, call (801) 506-0800.