The month of May is National Bike Month, and one of the goals as promoted by the League of American Bicyclists is to make the roads safer for bicyclists by increasing public awareness about safety, and to make cycling fun. While there have been many events around the state of Utah, such as the Ride of Silence, and Bike-to-Work Days, to promote these goals, National Bike Month has also brought another form of safety to the public attention: bike theft around Library Square in downtown Salt Lake.

Bicycle commuter Chris Fraizer had her $1,200 bike and lock stolen last Saturday after spending three hours inside the library. After reporting the theft to the Salt Lake Police, Fraizer became alarmed to learn how many bicycles were stolen around that area; although they have not released an actual figure, the police do not believe Library Square is seeing a particular rash of thefts.

While Fraizer would like to see more security such as cameras or signs mentioning that bicycles are at risk, Salt Lake Police think that bike thefts are crimes of opportunity, so there are precautions bicyclists can take to be at less risk

Tips to Prevent Bike Theft During National Bike Month

  1. Locking your bike isn’t always enough, so use a high quality U-lock.
  2. Don’t lock the bike to itself (like the wheel to the frame) because then it can be carried off. Make sure that it is locked to an immovable object that can’t be cut, or broken easily.
  3. Make sure your bike is in a well-lit visible area, so the thief is more likely to be seen.
  4. For the greatest deterrence, you can use two locks because if it is harder to get to your bike a thief will probably pass over it.
  5. Always keep a record of your bike’s serial number.

Although bicycle theft is unfortunate, it is not the only thing that can come from riding a bike. National Bike Month wants to promote safety because when bicyclists and motorists share the road, accidents can happen. If you are a loved one had been injured in a bike-related mishap, you should contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Christensen Law Firm. Going through an injury is a struggle, so call 801-506-0800 to find out how they can help ease the pain. National Bike Month promotes safety, but doesn’t guarantee it, so let the Christensen Law Firm help you.