Mountain bikingMountain Bikes are incredibly popular with nature lovers.  Not only do they provide spectacular outdoor views, but they give a healthy dose of exercise, and adrenaline to the rider.   While mountain biking is less intense in flat regions such as the Midwest, most of the nation still has thousands of enthusiasts.  This article looks to outline the history, design, and popular hotspots for mountain biking here in Utah.  Enjoy!


The exact origin of mountain biking is debated by many people, but there are some definite contributing names and groups who help give mountain biking its name.   Buffalo Soldiers first created the rough terrain bike that could manage rough terrain such as you would find on mountainous terrains.  The Velo Cross Club Parisien’s claim to have invented mountain biking in 1951 when twenty of their members started a sport different to that of the normal cycling at the time.  The riders individually pumped up or “ballooned” their tires to withstand the rough terrain.  Different from that of the time where cycling was strictly synced to the road in their riding, these riders went for big air and unobstructed riding. 


There are four main design categories most riders utilize when referring to the design of their bikes:

  • Fully rigid:  These designed bikes are not flexible in the slightest.  They have no front or rear suspension, because they do not need it like normal cycling bikes. Bikes with a fully rigid frame tend to be quite expensive.
  • Hardtail:  Designs such as these have no rear suspension with a use of a front suspension fork to guide the bike.  It is important your bike has suspension because if it is installed correctly it can have terrible rebound adjustment on really rocky trails.
  • Full suspension: The more comfortable of the design series, full suspension bikes give riders much better control.  The one negative of full suspension bikes are the added weight they bring proving less accuracy.
  • Softtail:   A cross between the full suspension and the hardtail, the softail has a piviotless suspension frame.  These bikes are the least common on the mountain.

Popular Riding Spots in Utah

There are several popular mountain biking trails in Utah.  Each canyon seems to have its own set of trails that range in difficulty levels.  Depending on your skill level you should look up trails before hand to not put yourself into sticky situation on a trail that is too hard for you.  Cottonwood trails and Millcreek canyon get a lot of publicity in Salt Lake for their intensity, but anywhere that has a mountain will probably have a trail you can ride on.   There are also trails that, although not explicitly on a mountain, work really well for mountain bikes.  A great website for finding trails in Utah is the Utah Mountain Bike Trail Index Page.  They have trails broken down by county so you can find the perfect trail for you.

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