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A bicycle accident attorney can help protect you after a crash, but what about your bike? Accidents can leave your bike in bad shape. Local bike shops are a great resource when your bike need repairs. Friendly, focused service can help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The Perks of Local Bike Shops

Your local shop can help get your bike back in top shape. A smaller-scale operation means you can be more involved in the process and know what is happening with your bike. Some other perks of choosing local bike shops include:

  • Supporting local business
  • Knowledge of local trails, terrain, and riding issues
  • Personalized, knowledgeable service
  • Frequent deals
  • Some shops offer training and classes to brush up on your skills

How They Can Help After a Crash

When you take your bike to a shop after a crash, give them any pictures you took at the scene of the accident. Find the employee who will be repairing your bike and explain the following:

  • Where and how you crashed
  • How fast you were riding
  • All bike damage that you are aware of

With these details, a shop will be able to fix your bike according to your needs and situation. Having an open conversation will lead to better repairs and a quicker return to riding.

Local Bike Shops in Your Area

A simple Google search for local bike shops in your city will often yield many results. However, here are some great shops we know of:

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