Mountain Biking a trail in Moab, Utah

Cycling in Moab, Utah by Jay Johnson via Adventurejay blog

Have you just signed up for a triathlon, or interested in changing out your car for a commuter bike?  With spring here, starting a new cycling regimen is a great way to get in shape, save on gas money and lower your carbon footprint.

But, it can be intimidating to get started.  With most bikes running between $300 and $3,000–not to mention the the helmet, outfits, and other gear–the price of cycling can be one reason people are reluctant to start.

Luckily, we’ve spoken with some of the top bicycle retailers in the state to get their tips; whether you’re a daily commuter, a newbie, or a weekend rider, we have the information you need to make this cycling season the best and healthiest you’ve ever had.


Shops and their bikes vary considerably. What suits someone else may not match your lifestyle, fitness goals, or even your anatomy. It’s important to find the right bike, so taking the time to compare is always a good idea.

“We don’t carry every [bike] type,” said Jill Horst, Infinite Cyclist staff in Lehi, Utah. “There’s constant evolution with cycling and it’s important to find one that suits you.”

Mike Pratc, Owner of Utah’s Canyon Bicycles, also believes in the value of looking around for the best bike. “People just need to look for bikes that fit their needs.” We recommend the same piece of advice.


Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without testing its control and handling, the same applies to bicycles. If the shop won’t let you take its bikes for a short test drive, others will. Testing your bike is an important part of the purchase; be sure you take advantage of this.

“Precise shifting, recovery, stiffness of the bike, tire size, they are all so different,” said Horst. “Safety is always the biggest concern. But after that, comfort is what you want to check.” Test running your bike can help you figure out what works best with your needs. Before you buy, check online, ask around and see what other people have to say about the bike you are considering.

Use Freebies

Free tune-ups, maintenance, air for tires, and other perks are often offered at your local bike shop.

“People don’t always maintain bikes like they should,” said Pratc. “We had a guy come in to get help with a flat tire and we found out there weren’t any functioning brakes.” Pratc explained that an annual tune-up is absolutely advisable, and a few times more is smart if you are an adamant cyclist.

“It’s free to check it out and it can save a lot of trouble in the future,” said Pratc. Be sure to ask the shop you buy your bike from about free maintenance or repair deals in the future.

Budget for Safety

Bikes are not a safe mode of transportation without a helmet, night gear (lights, reflectors, etc), etc. Make sure you have budget for safety too.

“It’s important to get a good biking system; something that fits you and keeps you from pushing the envelope… as far as your capability and the bike’s,” said Pract.  “You need adequate equipment.”

Bike book slightly forward

But, the right equipment is only part of staying safe on Utah roads. Knowing Utah cycling laws and your rights on the road are essential before you get out on your new bike. Get a copy of our free cycling book to learn more about Utah cycling laws, insuring your bicycle, and everything you should know in case you get in an accident.