Front Cover of The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook

For cyclists, when it comes to getting insurance, things can get pretty confusing, both in how to insure yourself as well as your bicycle. Simply put, to cover yourself as a cyclist, get good car insurance. To learn more about the types of car insurance, whether liability coverage, no-fault insurance, uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage, visit to get your free copy of The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook. Continue reading, however, to learn more about how to properly insure your own bicycle.

Accident Insurance

Many cyclists in Utah may not know it, but if they ride their bikes on the road, they should have car insurance for their bicycle. It may seem strange to buy car insurance for the purposes of riding a bicycle, but if you do get in a bike verse car accident, car insurance is the best way to protect yourself. Not all car insurance is created equal, however. Many cyclists think they have the right coverage only to find out after being in a tragic accident that their insurance does not cover a majority of their accident. Visit the site mentioned above or call 1-800-LAW-BOOK to request your free book and learn more about different types of insurance.

Property insurance

Another kind of insurance that is important for bicycle owners to have is bicycle theft insurance. It is well known that home owner’s or renter’s insurance will cover the cost of your bike if it is taken when the house is broken into. Unfortunately, there are at least three situations where your bike may be at risk that would not be covered by home owner’s insurance:

  • If the bicycle is stolen somewhere other than your home. This could be off the bike rack at the park or outside the grocery store.
  • If the car is hooked to a bike rack atop your car when the car is not parked in the garage. The bike will not be covered even if the car is parked on the street in front of the house.
  • If the stolen bicycle is worth more than what your standard homeowner’s insurance policy is liable to cover.

In all of these cases additional insurance policies would be needed to assure that you are protected from the loss of a bicycle to theft.

Bicycle theft insurance is an extension of a homeowner’s insurance policy, sometimes called Special Personal Property Insurance. For any objects with a value less than $10,000, a standard homeowner’s insurance policy should cover it but for anything of that value or higher the policy needs to be extended.

To extend a policy to objects of higher value, all you need to do is itemize it with your insurance company by providing a proof-of-purchase or a certified appraisal of the item’s value.

Following these steps will ensure that you and your goods are properly ensured! Please share the article with any friends or family who could benefit from this information! And remember to order a free copy of The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook today. We hope you never need to utilize all the information you’ll learn, but it’s important to be prepared to take care of yourself and those around you in the event of a bicycle accident. Christensen & Hymas specializes in working with bicycle accident victims and is more than happy to provide a free consultation to those in need of assistance to take care of bicycle accident claims.


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