cyclistThere is a pretty established culture when it comes to cycling, and it can seem intimidating to break into. Don’t let this keep you from joining however, because the rewards of cycling far outweigh the risks. However, there are some small things you can do to not stand out as the tenderfoot of the group.

1. Avoid the full team jersey

It may seem tempting to buy the full jersey from your favorite team or sponsor, but nothing paints you as the fledgling as much as a full USPS jersey on a weekend rider. Vintage kits can be acceptable, if it is close to 10 years since the team has disappeared. Learn about the team members though, so you can sound educated about what you are wearing.

2. Splurge on a helmet

Experienced cyclists know that a stylish rider is a safe rider. You won’t wear any piece of equipment as much as your helmet, so make sure you get the best one you can afford. A helmet will always look better than a gel styled hairdo, especially after a hard crash.

3. Get some good accessories

There is a window to shoot for here, because not enough gear will make you look like a rookie just as much as going over the top with purchases. Also the kind of gear will determine your appearance too. A saddlebag is good, unless it’s big enough to fit another bike in for instance.

 4. Practice clipping in and out

You definitely don’t want to be that guy that waits at a stoplight and gets a free asphalt massage when the light turns green because he isn’t used to your clip in pedals. Practice in your backyard or driveway until it is second nature to you.

5. Wear the right size

I know lycra and spandex are not the most flattering fabrics, but wearing a jersey two sizes too big is not a good idea. Not only will it destroy your aerodynamics, but it will clearly paint you as a newbie. Nobody looks good in skin tight suits, so man up and get out there and race. If you have any questions about cycling and bike laws in Utah, please visit us at or call at 801-506-0800. We will send you a free book all about how to be safe on a bike.