Cream and alcohol.  Fresh pineapple and gelatin.  Shrunken heads on wedding cake.  There are some combinations that cause curdling, don’t gel, and are horrifying…in short, combinations which should simply never be.  An individual and a poorly-fitted bicycle is one example of just such a union.

In favor of simply pontificating on how riding a bicycle of incorrect size does far more harm than good, we will look to the words of Post-Modernist poet Margaret Atwood:

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye

A common contributor to bicycle accidents is the unsuitable pairing of vehicle and rider.  Many parents buy too-large bicycles for their children to grow into, but this constitutes a safety hazard when the children find themselves in a dangerous situation from which they can only extract themselves by successfully turning the pedals.  Hand brakes may be too difficult for younger children to squeeze; very wide handlebars make it more difficult to ride in a steady line.  A properly-fitted bicycle is essential to safety on the road.

Alas, no degree of caution—not even a bicycle that fits like a moccasin—can absolutely guarantee street safety.  For a Utah bicycle accident lawyer with the know-how to secure recompense for another driver’s error, call 801-506-0800.  For general tips on protected bicycling, call 1-800-LAW-BOOK for a free booklet.