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We all know that eating healthy meals is important to our exercise and diet goals, but what about snacking? “Grazing” on smaller-portioned snacks throughout the day is becoming more popular, and many people no longer eat the traditional three meals a day. If you are a grazer, choosing healthy snacks is very important. Consistently loading up on protein and other nutrients is especially helpful for cyclists and other physically active people, because the snacks you choose can have a great effect on your workout and energy levels. In this post, we identify some of the best healthy cycling snacks to graze on during the day.

Possibilities for Healthy Cycling Snacks

The best cycling snacks are filling, tasty, and packed with protein, carbs, healthy sugars, and vitamins. Obviously, few snacks will fulfill all those requirements, so it is good to keep a variety on hand wherever you spend your day. Some healthy cycling snacks that can be taken on-the-go include:

  • Nuts

Nuts are an often underappreciated part of a healthy diet. Nuts contain protein and healthy fats, along with several other nutrients depending on variety. For example, almonds are high in calcium, which promotes bone growth. Cashews and pistachios provide protein and are low in calories.

Another great thing about nuts is that there are dozens of ways to include them in your diet. You can eat them by the handful, eat spoonfuls of natural nut butter, or combine them with dried fruits to make a trail mix.

  • Jerky

Dried, cured meats have long been a staple of backpacking trips and other activities that demand quick, high-protein snacks. Unfortunately, jerky is also often high in sodium. But newer varieties cut back on the salt and can be great options for a fast and healthy snack.

While there are many different types of jerky, turkey jerky is a particularly healthy choice, as it is often lower in sodium than other types.

An Unexpected Option

Sweets are some of the most tempting snacks, but unfortunately, are usually among the least healthy. Fortunately, those of us with a sweet tooth still have some options.

  • Dark Chocolate

Chocolate can actually be quite healthy–that is, if you choose the right kind. Dark chocolate (usually with at least 70% cocoa) is full of antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals. Studies show that dark chocolate may improve heart health and blood flow, when consumed in moderation.

Consider adding a small amount of dark chocolate to your homemade trail mix, or just nibble on a square every now and then. This will  help give your snacking some sweet flavor, as well as a nutritious boost.

If you have some other favorite healthy cycling snacks or a special recipe, leave a comment and let us know!

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