Although you and everyone you know rode their bikes as kids, at some point our bikes started to collect dust in a shed or garage, and only a few of us kept cycling. While many people still try to stay healthy by going on walks, swimming, or going to the gym, here are the top 3 reasons why cycling is the best way to stay healthy.

1 – Cycling is More Forgiving

Many athletes turn to cycling after their sports’ practice or running starts to damage their knees and joints due to overuse or age. Working out can be hard. It’s something people don’t usually look forward to, but rather it’s something they make themselves do. On the other hand, cycling is fun. It still burns calories, keeps your heart healthy, and protects you from the long-term side effects of gravity. When most other athletes have their joints retired from running, cyclists are still riding.

2 – Cycling is More Convenient

Cycling does not require meeting ten other people to play, going to a gym, or travelling to a swimming pool. All you need is a bicycle and yourself. In fact, you don’t even need time to ride if you choose to bike to work or to school. You can effortlessly stay in shape while everyone else is trying to arrange the best time and place for their exercise. One additional benefit to using a bicycle to commute is the inherent environmental benefits of not using a car.

3 – Cycling is More Affordable

You are probably thinking the obvious: bicycles, helmets, and cycling gear can get pretty pricy. However, for as little as $300 you can find a pretty reliable, used road bike that will fulfill your cycling needs for a couple of years. If you still think that is too expensive, consider this: your friends will be paying for the gas they use to drive to the gym, which they are also paying for, while you are biking. It doesn’t take long until the investment pays off.

While we do encourage all forms of healthy exercise, cycling remains our favorite for being a convenient, affordable, and sustainable kind of exercise. If you or anyone you know has been injured while riding a bike, use the form on this page to request a free case consultation. As cyclists ourselves, we’ll make sure all cyclists receive the treatment and compensation they deserve.

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